Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Busy as a bee in the market

Still a very busy week for me. There was this certain project that needed pictures of common rice products. That means I would need to take close up pictures of different small subjects. But there is a big problem; I don’t have a light tent. My solution, make one. I took some steel wires and some left over white cloth and came up with my own version of a light tent.

As you can see, I only have two light sources which forced me to put them inside the light tent instead of outside the light tent. It produced hard light on the subject and didn't had the desired effect that i was hoping for. Oh well, I’m no professional or something so that’s fine I guess.

I took a picture of my phone to check the over-all effect of what I have created.

Hmmmm. Yummy subjects!

Aside from my regular job that has taken most of my time, I have also started collecting Gundam model kits as you can see on my previous post. I bought an RX 78-2 and an RX 78 MKII v2.0 (titans) kits. I was planning to build them later part of this year but my hands got itchy, so Mr. RX 78-2 is being assembled and I am using the table I use for my drawings since I can't afford another table. I test fitted the kit to see how it looks in general and took some pictures for you and for comparisons of the before and after model. The following pictures are taken using my phone so I apologize for the quality.

I am planning to modify and paint this thing but before I do that, I would need to finish the comic pages I promised to a local indie comic book publisher. Before they hang me.


jinny said...

puede na moy...puede na ka mahimong maniniyot

suedemonkey said...

hahaha! lingaw lingaw lng ko ani.