Monday, May 11, 2009

mad about robots

Most of my free time is spent between doing some vehicle designs for an 8 page one shot submission for a comic book and putting scratches on gundam model kits. I can’t show you the vehicle designs yet since it is still in its primary stages of being. Just trust me on this one, I can guarantee you that I am doing something for the book. Really, I am doing something. Moooving forward, I’ll show you what I can show you, which are the scratches I have made on the model kits. In plastic modeling world, there is this thing that we call as panel lines. They are made to imitate metal sheet meeting metal sheet in the real thing such as airplanes and giant robots. What modelers do is literally scratch the plastic to show where the meeting are supposed to happen. And it’s pretty darn hard. Below are some pictures I took before I scratched the lines on the thing and after all the madness.

See that guy in the middle? That is RX 78-2 ver1.5! He doesn’t have much panel lines so I put some on him! Some people would tell you to do it slow. What they really mean is to do it veeery slow. Because if you do it with just the regular slow, you would end up with crooked lines as you can see on the next picture.

I was supposed to ‘sketch’ some lines on the shoulder armor and leave it for a few days to see it with a fresh eye. That way, you would easily notice mistakes. But I got excited and scribed away! And ended up with crooked lines and not so identical panel lines on the armor.

Here he is after the madness.

A sneak peek on what I’ll be doing next. If I would still have the courage that is.

I will try and post updates on the pages I’m working on our next session.

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