Friday, August 6, 2010

I was browsing the net one boring night and came across some blogs/sites that mentioned or featured yours truly.

this one is by a blogger who :
Write as little or as much, with as little or as much imagination, with as little or as much enthusiasm for the task, with as little or as much complaint... well up to 1200 characters, a hypochondriac hippo and a clanful of psychotic hyenas.

and his one is by another blogger who :
A BSN graduate which tend to work as a call center agent at present. Part of his leisure time is watching anime, playing computer games, and as well as collecting toys and modelling gundam kits. Though not a pro, he builds his kits as presentable as he can with the help of my novice skills and the advice given from other modellers. Mostly collect gundam figures, selected macross VFs and some other PVC statues or figures.

while this one was from an old article about an event that we did :

yeah, I get giddy with these little things, don't we all?

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