Tuesday, April 28, 2009

tree dreaming robots

Hi all!

A lot of things have been keeping me away from this work blog. There is this thing called day job, side project, another side project, another other side project, and gundam model kits.

The Day Job : Well, I’m as busy as I can be. Currently designing some lay outs for some book that we will be releasing and it’s all about timber trees! Because of this project, I learned a lot about trees. I even dream about trees. No, not that kind of dreams, you pervert! I just dream about them because I have them on my monitor for a minimum of 8 hours straight! Even when I eat, I feel like I’m eating trees. I even talk trees. And next week, I’ll be dreaming Rivers!

Side Project : Hmmm, this project promises that “We design everything you can imagine” and some people can imagine complicated projects! And that is when everything around you seems to move so fast and you are just stuck on pause.

Another Side Project : a few band members of our local music scene and I decided to meet up. But we did not talk music, we talked about comics. I got excited, and promised an 8 page one shot! And here I am stuck at page 1 minus 1 panel. But I will not give up! I must do this before this guy and this guy kills me! I can do this! Somehow…

Another Other Side Project : This is where we talk about music. But since I still talk trees, nobody can understand me. Check it if you think you have the guts!

Gundam Model Kits : they are cool. They are robots. They take a day and a half to complete even at entry level plastic modeling. I am not as good as this guy and besides, they don’t have the manual on tree-language which makes it complicated for me. Die robots! Die!


The Demontekken said...

Hell yeah!Godamn,i mean, Gundam rules \m/ and need i say, youre neck deep in side projects suede pretty valid reasons. :)

suedemonkey said...

yeah, valid reasons to go near crazy!