Saturday, April 12, 2008

The Beatles! 'nuff said!

The Beatles. Need I say more? This scan is some sort of a newsletter that we released, with layouts using InDesign, during one of our tribute gigs.
I just can't praise The Beatles enough. Can't think of another band that have touched people from completely different generations. And no matter how often it happens, I would still have goosebumps whenever tough-looking, hard-core bands would name The Beatles as one of their influences. Who would have known?
It's amazing isn't it? How music can make someone immortal, how music can make these odd boys from Liverpool icons the world over.
I also love Elvis, but if I were to tell you the difference between The Beatles and Elvis, I would say Elvis is an amazing showman, but The Beatles are legendary musicians.
When I was a small little boy, the very first time I've heard of them English boys, I instantly knew that they exist for the same reason the Sun exist.
How lucky we are to be born after The Beatles.


Chummy said...

Hey there Suede,

Im a Beatles fan myself they have my respect and admiration 100%, and to think that Im part of a deathmetal band and a metalist since grade six, its got to mean something right?hheheheh...

suedemonkey said...

oh yeah! and the beatles are probable the first band that did the head bangin!