Sunday, August 30, 2009

cebu comic book creation seminar updates

Announcement about the Cebu Comic Book Creation Seminar

We at Kawalo Concepts & Designs and Super Debil Robot Comics regret to inform you that the Cebu Comic Book Creation Seminar, originally scheduled for July 25, 2009 at Teo-Fel Pension, Cebu City, will be postponed.

Due to the current economic environment, and consequently low turnout of confirmed attendees as of this date, we believe the postponement will be in everyone’s best interest.

Our thrust is to help inspire the Cebu comic book scene to make a comeback. We are very happy that a lot of people have emailed us expressing their interest in the seminar, and that it is only the lack of funds that holds them back from confirming attendance. Since our main goal is to have more join the seminar, learn more about the industry, and ultimately make their own comic books, we have decided to take the time to get more sponsors to support our event.

We humbly request your understanding, and rest assured, we will push through with the seminar within the year. We shall keep you posted on further developments.


Date : TBA

Time : 8:00AM – 5:00PM

Venue : Teo-Fel Pension House (Oliva-Perez Building, Junquera Extension, near PCGS (Philippine Christian Gospel School)/Old Ngohiong House sa San Carlos)

Registration Fee :


30 to 40 participants – PhP1,500.00 per participant
41 to 50 participants – PhP1,100.00 per participant
51 to 60 participants – PhP900.00 per participant

- Style Development
- Compositoin
- Thumbnailing
- Storytelling
- Self Promotion

- Making Samples
- Work Ethic
- Work Environment
- Deadlines

You may also check what one of our speakers is busy with. Harvey Tolibao is currently doing this and John Amor is busy with this.

All updates will be posted on this site and also here and here! Just keep on checking for any updates!

Despite juggling 5 projects at the moment, John Amor was still able to squeeze in some artworks that are close to his heart. He have horror in his blood >>

kawalo concepts & designs will also be giving away limited mini-posters of John Amor's horror classic pieces. Details of this will be posted soon!