Saturday, April 12, 2008

men in black

Here it is! This is the first character design I did for the graphic novel that I am trying to do. They are supposed to be partner heroes of a certain City. I don't want to give out much, but the story is a little weird with heroes or champions from different Cities.
Very basic design with the Men in Black get up and some guns. The big guy is a little paranoid so he keep his guns on the ready with the safety off all the time. The little guy? well, it's a little surprise. I did the character design for about three days, one hour per day, including inks and all. Here's hoping that my attention don't get diverted to something else so I can finish this thing.
I am seeing the setting for the story as a post apocalyptic, steam punk./high tech hybrid world. The story is a one shot, it's more of a test job or something. But I am putting a lot of time on this one, so I hope it would turn out okay.
I will be self publishing this with my production outfit, crazymonkey productions. I have some friends who will be submitting some one shot works and some people who promised to help in distributing the 'book'. If you are interested to submit a story or two, tell me about it, let's see what we can do.
I will be posting more stuff probably by next week. I would appreciate some comments so that I would know whatever it is that I am doing wrong. Comments are for free, so comment away!

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