Wednesday, December 3, 2008

the ghost rider

My all time favorite! too bad he doesn't have a good writer though. Took me almost two hours to complete this thing, I now officially hate leather!


John said...
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Anonymous said...

How DARE you! I think Jason Aaron is the best writer to work on GR in a looooong time. But anyway... great work.

You pulled off the foreshortening well but sortakinda fucked up the other arm. That's fine though. Keep taking risks, man. No pain, no gain.

***double post

suedemonkey said...

it's the chains! it looked okay without the chains.

ill try and find copies of the new series.

Anonymous said...

You need to work on your figures, especially the lower part of the body and how the arms move from the body (foreshortening, etc..).

But I gotta say I adore your inking. It's very nice, tight, and clean. Uh, that sounded wrong. But anyways, I'll say it's one of your strongest points.