Sunday, April 19, 2009

half a page inked

Hello all! A lot of things happened this past few days, but nothing has happened yet as far as the pages I'm doing is concerned. I am posting an inked first page for the short story that I will be submitting to Super Debil Robot Comics since I have not done anything yet. I am having troubles with the last panel on this page and I am currently working on the other pages. Super Debil Robot Comics is a new Indie Comic Publishing House that follows the concept of Image Comics minus the high end quality of prints. But in my opinion, this is a good step in promoting Cebu's local comics even if it's in a DIY format. From what I've heard, they will be including a CD of Cebu's local bands, that would also promote our local music! A good deal if you ask me!

If you have inquiries, just shoot them an email!

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chummy said...

...and the pressure is on jud bai..hahaha...i swear on the blood of kinsfolk that i will finish a page this week...or so :)