Tuesday, April 8, 2008

mic test! test mic? soundcheck!

Soundcheck. it was a TV show that I produced and directed for cable channel BeeTV. The show folded due to some scheduling problems. There are some invitations to air the show again, but probably not this time.
Shown above is one of the brave bands that used the Cebuano dialect in their lyrics. They can make songs with english lyrics, trust me, but they opted to use 'bisaya' for so many reasons.
Well, there are a lot of 'BisRock' bands out there, but only a few have their hearts in the right place and their songs in the right tune. I no longer know whats happening on the local scene right now since it has been months since I produced an event or even went out to see one. Damn, I think it's high time to go and get back to music. Then again, I still need to focus on my so called 'art' and try to stick with the plan this time.
The picture that appears is the poster that we used for the show. I took the picture so basically I own the rights. The picture was taken near Marriott Hotel at Cebu Business Park. Did some tweeking using photoshop; if you notice, the background is a little blurry and the foreground is sharp, that's photoshop! I don't really feel comfortable with making BIG changes on the picture using photoshop because I'm not good at it. The text is added with corel draw and I'm done! I love the lonely road feel of the whole picture. But that's just me.

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