Saturday, April 12, 2008

missing filemon and the missing spoon

Not that I am trying to stall on posting some artworks or something, I just feel it important to post some old works *snicker* And besides, what I am posting here is one of my favorites!
This one is a poster for a gig that we produced for one of the bands here in Cebu. Actually, it's a launch gig for Missing Filemon's second album.
What I did with the poster was I edited the picture of the foursome in Photoshop. I always wanted to have that old, photocopy feeling. But I'm not sure if I was able to pull it off though. Then, transported it to Corel Draw and added some texts and weird shapes. As simple as that!
A lot of my friends are still asking for a reprint of the poster so that could mean that the poster looks good or they are just die-hard fans of the band.
This poster represents one of the nightmares an event producer have. We never expected the turn out of audience to be so big. We held the event at a venue that can comfortably accommodate 150 souls, but attendees reached up to at least 300! People kept saying 'nice event, congratulations' or 'success, do it again' Yeah right! at the end of the last song and after a couple of beers, that's when we realized how big the problem was. There were so many broken glass and bottles, damaged tables and chairs, lost cd's, and missing spoon! Well, the things we do for music. And if you ask me if I would still do the gig with full knowledge of the outcome? Oh yeah!
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