Sunday, February 8, 2009


Okay, let me tell you something, I found a wonderful way at looking at your art with a fresh eye. A good example is this piece for hellboy that i did. I was doing study sketches in preparation for a sequential practice that I am hoping to complete. But, I did hellboy in reverse, the right hand of doom became the left hand of doom. So, after completing the art, I flipped it using photoshop and we have a new hellboy piece that also looks new to me. Ain't that amazing!

Let's just not mention that I messed up hellboy's hand of doom. okay?


chummy said...

i tried for kicks flipping some scanned image that i drew and somehow it don't look right. glad u came up with a cool hellboy after that process. :) release na daun ug comics bai arun mabuhi na ang cebu comics.hheheh

suedemonkey said...

haha! cant release pa bai. i suck at sequentials! have u updated ur blog lately?

i did another hellboy piece, might be posting it later on.