Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ghost Rider vs Hellboy

Ghost Rider, I really need to study leather.

Hellboy : I'm not scared of your flames, I'm fire-proof!

Ghost Rider : Well, I'm devil-proof! Now feel the Spirit of Vengeance!

Hellboy : Oh Crap!

Hellboy and Ghost Rider on a fist fight! No chains, no guns, just all natural fists. I wonder who would win?


motmot's comics said...

Your Ghost Rider Rocks!!!

suedemonkey said...

thanks man!

Anonymous said...

i love the skull.

We'll the stiffness reminds me of powerpuff girl or like a gorrilaz style.

what i want you to achieve is grace on its pose.
hehehe just a suggestion ;-)

Mark Rosario said...

this really made me laugh! Hahaha.. Nice on, bay!