Tuesday, June 9, 2009

do i really need a title for this?

Okay! I have not done anything comics-oriented lately, but I would like to post an update to show you guys that I still care; hmmm… let’s see, aside from staring at the gundam kits that I am currently doing, I have also managed to try my hand with these famous graphic tablets. A friend of mine is planning to sell his graphic tablet and was nice enough (after a few threats) to let me try it out before I decide on purchasing the tablet. It was hard but I kind of like the possibilities of the thing. Here is what I have done so far. It took me about an hour just to do that!

An hour of solid work. This is basically the initial design of the super debil robot character for the super debil robot comics.

To keep you entertained, let me show you my before and after office workstation. Below is the “before my boss approved my new monitor request”

I put post-its around my monitor so that it would look like I’m talking to someone with yellow hair.

Messy table. You should see my boss’ table.


This is after my boss gave up with my whining.

That there is the tablet I’m talking about.

Blurred for security purposes. I don’t want you to know the secret to life. I wrote them on my post-its for me to remember.

A few weeks back, my brother bought me a cutting mat to help out with my gundam madness.

The mat is that green thing. Cool brother!


Demontekken said...

lucky guy indeed, all that gundams making me buy one me self, i must not give in :) it just me or that graphics tablet really fits in with your current workstation, i think its a keeper...heheheh..

SUEDE said...

hmmm. a good salesman! let me just try it a few times just to be on the safe side!

motmot's comics said...

na adis na og gundam,maka tintal pa jud! hehehehe!!!!