Friday, October 9, 2009

time in my hands.

I suddenly have time in my hands, which is a little weird in it self. I got to check my PC and my external drive for some files that I need to delete or organize, and I was also able to check the internet for the sole purpose of 'looking' at whatever is up with the net. Then I stumbled upon some 'things'.

First off, I found this old comic strip that I attempted but never really got the chance to work on:

Nothing followed it but Super Debil Robot Comics will be including this 'one shot' on its Comic Anthology to be released this month.

Another thing that I noticed are some pictures that I found on-line:

I am behind Kat (the only female in the bunch)

I am Hulk!

at least this one, nothing is covering me. well, except for hair.

Yeah I know, My face is covered and I always wear black. But I didn't mean to always wear black and I am pretty sure that they didn't mean to cover me.

Well, I am now off to do some sketching to flex the drawing muscles, so I'll see you later!

1 comment:

motmot's comics said...

Very Down to Earth, Even How big your are, some people still manage to cover you with some stuff. Hehehehehe!!!! Joke only.