Monday, October 12, 2009

it happened one saturday afternoon

Archie Uy, one of the best photographers in Cebu, and also an on-call photographer for Kawalo Concepts & Designs, has agreed to take some pictures of my first gundam kit one saturday afternoon.

I started with gundam or gunpla around march of this year. Archie doesn't know anything about gundam kits. So it took us the whole afternoon trying to figure out what good pose to put it in. I wanted some action poses but the paint has made the joints a little tight, so we were only able to get limited poses. I apologize to those people who requested action poses, I didn't want to force the kit.

If you want to see more of Archie's photographs, you may go to this site. And if you want to check out our little design company, kindly click this.


Dindo said...

idol jud na nako si Archie Uy. ug si Rey Siasar.

SUEDE said...

ug si dindo contento sad!

motmot's comics said...

Sued and his Evil Toy! Very Tempting! Grrrr!!! Nice pics from Cap also. made the Toy look more Evil and more Tempting!

quattro said...

sir astid ang lighting ah :D

keep it up

Bong Leal said...

Hi Suede,

Salamat sa comment at bisita sa blog ko.
your just one of a few people visited my blog that
i seldom updated. :D

I am not really active in comics right now
but hopefully this coming 2010 meron akong komiks.. sana..hehehe..