Tuesday, January 13, 2009


I tried to do an all pencil piece, I really did, but I ended up inking the thing. This is Goldilocks when the bear found her on the bed. I'm pretty sure I already saw this pose before, I just couldn't remember. So you can only credit me with the hairstyle. Everything was working okay (by my standards) but i messed up with the year on my signature, it still shows 2008! dang!


chummy said...

nice one pre, goldilocks and the three bare(ly naked ladie)s unta to...heheheh...keep it up.wish i could draw women like you and john and alex

suedemonkey said...

thanks bai! pero kinahanglan pa ko practice bai. daghan kaayo ko sayop sa anatomy. sige lng sketch bai. i try to sketch once a day para practice.