Thursday, September 4, 2008

the blackbox!

I was browding over some stack of magazines that I kept over the years. I was surprised to find an old copy of Blackbox magazine that we published a few years back. The magazine is all black and white. The last picture is an artwork of Harvey Tolibao, we asked him to do some pages for us for free! That was a few years before he had a stint with Marvel.


azrael said...

do you have scanned pages of the comics part..

i love to see all of it.



suedemonkey said...

sure, ill try and scan it for you. thanks for visiting man! :D

morbid said...

naa pa copy ani?
pwede mangayo?

suedemonkey said...

morbid, naa pa koy mga lima bai, sulti lang asa nako mabilin. tagaan tka usa. usa lang ha. hehehe. pyter!